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Welcome To EuphRO!!!
- Welcome to EuphRO -
A free, professional, and private Ragnarok Online gaming server!
During October, 2011, we celebrated our fifth anniversary. Throughout the month, we had many events, surprises, and prizes. Additionally, we had five prizes of $50 worth of donation credits for five lucky players. More details can be found in our forum post here, or in our control panel here.
EuphRO is one of the last of its kind, a server dedicated to reproducing the passion and enjoyment that accompany a low rate official based server. EuphRO is a stable low (6/6/2) rate server which maintains its integrity of remaining as close to possible as the official (kRO & iRO) servers in accordance with the original game play that many Ragnarok Online players were first captivated by.
Since we try to keep to the original Ragnarok Online game play style we encourage players to explore the game and to utilise all its features, that is why we refrain from many custom features, such as warp NPCs, job change NPCs, and custom commands such as @jump etc. Unlike many other private servers, we don't wish to corrupt the game with redundant features such as these and we don't wish to deprive players of the enjoyment and sense of achievement accompanied with the original NPCs. We feel that players experience a greater sense of achievement after completing job change quests or other quests and we find that it adds a new dimension to the game absent in many customizations. That is why any customizations we make are only to ease some of the stresses of game play, not to alter the originality in any harmful way.
EuphRO offers intense and challenging War of Emperium battles which take place Saturday and Sunday as well as the new War of Emperium Second Edition which takes place at the same time and offers a challenging event where guilds must muster up all their efforts and teamwork to conquer a castle and defend it against the other guilds. Ragnarok Online is one of the few online games which offers such a unique PvP feature. (See "About the Server" for more details)
We are currently up to date with the most stable Ragnarok Online features such as Instance Dungeons, Episode 13: The New World, and Battlegrounds. We continue to remain up-to-date with all the new stable features and we refrain from implementing any unstable updates just for the sake of competition. We emphasise stability as we wish to provide the best environment for players, free from bugs and bug abuse.
At EuphRO we emphasise the importance of inter-player bonds and we reflect that emphasis in the effort put into the server. At the end of the day no amount of items or characters in the game will ever amount to the friendships built over your adventurous experience. This is why we choose to remain a low rate server, because we believe that it is not the destination that is important, but the experience, hardships, friendships and the overall self-achievement gained along the journey.
Join EuphRO now and experience the euphoria and a sense of belonging that no other server offers.
See also our player testimonials to get a feel for what our players think, not just what we say.